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Picture from last week when I was at a cool lake inside the crater of an inactive volcano!  Nicaragua 2014- Posada Ecológica La Abuela  ((Don’t delete the caption plz))
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“oh yeah let’s go out today oh oops first i have to walk through this water with seastars ok” 

i’d just lie there in the water 

I’d love this actually
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My Neighbor Totoro (1988)
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“From the beginning of my obsession with drawing, I have been fascinated by transformational qualities of light and distance. Whether I am studying a large body of water shot through with sunlight or rain on a car windshield reflecting the glimmer of adjacent neon signs, I am always looking to catch the mystery of these completely real distortions. This is what interests me when I look at the world. No matter what the subject matter or what the degree of complexity in the composition, I never tire of the challenge of articulating the fluidity I see all around me.”
Elizabeth Patterson
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q’ing from myself bc in v busy!
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I went to Winston Churchills birth place today and it was boring as hell, but this lake was beautiful.
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